From the recording Birdie In The Hole (latest mix)

This is same clip as the Demo but from the latest mix for the world premier at the President's BBQ on Sunday, August 21.


DJ started With a heck of lead Down in Alabama As the #3 seed Gave the team their first point Now he’s walkin’ back slow He’s on the hill, watin’ round For a birdie in the hole
Scott two back But he wasn’t givin’ up He had a great quarterfinal But today was looking tough. He gave the point to Lynn
Then he headed for the slope Scott and DJ waiting For a birdie in the hole.
Birdie in the hole Birdie in the hole On the 18th green With 30 feet to go Dylan stepped up Lookin’ tough, lookin’ bold With the title on the line He put a birdie in the hole.
Here comes Oskar Lookin’ tall, lookin’ fly Got stuck in sand With the title slippin’ by Lynn took the point And were packin’ bags to go But they all turned around With a birdie in the hole.
Dylan was In a little of jam Otters down 2-1 It was lookin’ kinda grim Dylan hit the green But he had too far to go He had to putt to save the title With a birdie in the hole.
[bridge] Coach Owen looked across The river Tennessee Thinkin’ I’m gonna take That trophy back with me His best player’s next It’s Dylan’s older bro If anyone can win it Coach oughta know
Brother, brother John Can you put this thing away? You’ve been playin’ with ice Running through your veins Two-putt and out Now you all know They brought the trophy back home ‘Cause a birdie’s in the hole.
For Monterey Bay He put a birdie in the hole. They’re the National Champs ‘Cause a birdie’s in the hole.
Copyright 2011 Greg Pool (BMI). All rights reserved.