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CSUMB Staff!

I've recorded with some amazing CSUMB staff, all of whom are in working bands around the Monterey Bay. 


After the master recording is made, my contribution as an Otter Backer is done. I will then have given the Athletic department permission to sell my intellectual property as long as all the proceeds go to funding athletic scholarships at the university (and maybe Christina Bailey and I have the occasional opportunity to sing the national anthem at a CSUMB ball game).

At that point, the Athletic department will fundraise through a CSUMB Store account to pay for the creation of a commemorative CD and make it available for sale through the CSUMB Store for purchase online or at specific Athletic events.

Below is a general timeline of events as they should occur:


20 - CSUMB wins national championship.

21 - CSUMB celebrate commencement of the Class of 2011

21 - Men's Golf team returns to campus with national championship trophy

22 - Greg Pool writes the song "Birdie in the Hole"


13 - Recording sessions.

28 - Recording sessions.


9, 12 - Recording sessions

mixing, mastering


7 - Greg Pool writes "b-side" to Birdie called "Hotter Than An Otter"

21 - start fundraising campaign with a launch party at President's Welcome BBQ

26 - turn on CSUMB Store account to sell pre-orders


14 - Record demo of "Hotter Than An Otter"

26 - special pre-order offer ends to get name in liner notes

26 - end fundraising campaign at President's Cup golf tournament

26 - extend pre-order indefinitely

October - December

Record interviews with players, coach & athletic director at MPA, with senior Nadia Shilansky and Prof. Drew Waters

Post-Produce interviews


Master final disc - Prof. Drew Waters


20 - physical CD arrives, begin selling online

20 - commemorative CD is available for retails sale