Inside Otter Athletics

CSUMB Athletic Director Vince Otoupal made reference to the world premier of "Birdie in the Hole" in his weekly online newsletter, Inside Otter Athletics (August 23, 2011).

"One of the highlights of the day was when the National Champion Otter…

Launch and World Premier!

Today we officially launched the project publically!

After the Men's Golf team was lauded by President Dianne Harrison for their National Championship and Athletic Director Vince Otoupal kicked off the fundraiser, we had the DJ spin a CD of the…


Our Fourth Recording Session

Tonight we recorded the backing vocals of the lovely Christina Bailey from Honeymoon. We were in and out in about an hour and already began to mix down a basic song with all the ingredients of the song finally…


Third Recording Session

Tonight producer Steven Mann worked with Marvin Panganiban on drums to lay down an epic sound with a lazy beat and dramatic transitions.

Next up: Christina Bailey of Honeymoon on backing vocals!

Recording a birdie ... in the hole, of course

We want to find a way to include the sound of a golf ball dropping into the cup, so I took advantage of Steven Mann getting in a round of golf to do some field recording.

We were on the…


Our Second Recording Session

Tonight we gathered tracks for lap steel guitar (Charlie Wallace) and lead vocals (Greg Pool). Once that was done, we played it back and Steven Mann of Boomdaddy began to fiddle with the keyboards to the…


Our First Recording Session

Producer Steven Mann invited us over to begin capturing individual tracks for the upcoming production of "Birdie In The Hole," a benefit CD for athletic scholarships at Cal State Monterey Bay.

I came by with my vocal and rhythm guitar…

First Public Performance

At our regular gig in Gene's Barber Shop in Pacific Grove, I threw in "Birdie in the Hole" and got a favorable reaction.

[photo: (l-f) Gordy Allen, Greg Pool, Gene Allen and Charile Wallace]

Charlie Wallace (r) and I head…