Greg Pool

Executive Producer, Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Steven Mann

producer, keyboards

Charlie Wallace

lap steel guitar

Christina Bailey

backing vocals

John Klein

upright bass

Marvin Panganiban


Drew Waters

Producer, Master

Dr. Drew Waters taught in the Music & Performing Arts Department at CSUMB, where he has created a industry standard digital and analog recording studio for his students. He is also an electric bass player, composer and recording engineer.

Drew was responsible for producing the spoken interviews and mastering the overall CD.

Listen to his work at

Nadia Shilansky

Recording Engineer

Nadia was a CSUMB senior majoring in Music & Performing Arts. She is also a McNair Scholar.

Nadia was responsible for recording and mixing the spoken interviews of the team, coach and athletic director, under the supervision of Dr. Drew Waters.

Kevin Garcia

graphic design

Jeff McCall


Kirby Garry


Mindy Mills

sports information

Kevin Gilmore

Sports Information

Kevin is the sports information coordinator in Otter Athletics at Cal State Monterey Bay.

He just arrived on the campus to find himself right back in a championship frame of mind, having hung out with with LA Dodgers during the '88 World Series and six NCAA DII Championships at CSU Bakersfield.

Patrick Kelley


Patrick KelleyAs an Athletic Communications Assistant/New Media, Patrick has been the "voice" of CSUMB sporting events, from announcing at games to color commentary on the radio. He has experience working at both KAZU and ESPN630 and is a huge San Diego State fan. In his spare time, he was an HCOM major at CSUMB.

Follow him on Twitter @PatchKelley

Andrew Walling