First Public Performance

At our regular gig in Gene's Barber Shop in Pacific Grove, I threw in "Birdie in the Hole" and got a favorable reaction.

Gene's Barber Shop in Pacific Gove

[photo: (l-f) Gordy Allen, Greg Pool, Gene Allen and Charile Wallace]

Charlie Wallace (r) and I head on over to Gene and his brother Gordy's shop for a trim and tunes every month and a half. You might recognize the two barbers as members of the "Scissors Up" trio that reviews movies for KSBW channel 8 on the segment "Movie Buzz."

Eveyone's reaction to the song, including Charlie's, was enough to make me think it was good enough to record a demo. Both barbers were aware of the Men's Golf Team's national championship, so their ears perked up when they began to recognize the lyrics.

Gene is a pedal steel guitar player and a big fan of Charlie's playing, so we treat them to a private, acoustic set of tunes before performing solo while Gene give us each a trim.